We’ve all been there – you signed up for Instagram years ago with that strange email address you made in middle school. Or maybe you just want to switch to a new email for privacy or organisational reasons. Whatever the case, it’s a headache to update your account information on apps and sites, so you keep putting it off.

But updating your email on Instagram is actually a pretty quick process once you know what you’re doing. We’ll walk you through the simple steps of how to change email on Instagram, whether you’re using the app or website. 

So, let’s dive in and finally cross this task off your to-do list!

How to Change Your Email on Instagram on the Phone 

For most people, the easiest option how to change Instagram email is through the mobile app on the smartphone. Just follow these steps:

  1. Go to the Instagram app and open your main profile page by tapping the little person icon in the bottom right.
  2. Tap the three horizontal lines in the top right corner to open the menu.
  3. Select “Accounts Centre” > “Personal details”.
  4. Under the “Email address” field, you should see the current email linked to your account. Tap anywhere in that row.
  5. Enter the new email address you want to use.
  6. Instagram’ll send a confirmation code to the new email. Open that email, copy the code, and paste or enter it into the Instagram app.

That’s it! Now, you know how to change your email on Instagram quickly. Your new email is the primary one associated with your Instagram account. Any notifications or updates will go there from now on.

One quick note – this only changes the email used for logging in and account access. 

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How to Change Your Email on Instagram on Desktop

If you prefer using Instagram on a computer, you can change Instagram email through the website as well:

  1. Go to instagram.com and log into your account.
  2. Click on your profile icon in the top right, then select “Profile.”
  3. On your profile page, click “Edit Profile.”
  4. In the panel that pops up, scroll down to the Account section and click “Personal Details.”
  5. Click in the “Email” field and enter your new email address, then click “Submit.”
  6. Check the new email inbox for the confirmation code from Instagram, and enter it on the website when prompted.

And you’re all set! Your profile has been updated with the new email address.

The website method is a little more cumbersome, but it’s a good option if you don’t have your phone handy.

How to Change Instagram Email Without Logging in App

Okay, but what if you can’t log into your Instagram at all because you’ve forgotten the password or been hacked? Is there still a way to change your email?

The good news is that you can change your Instagram email without logging in! Instagram has an account recovery process for situations just like this. Here are the steps:

  1. Open the Instagram app and tap “Get help logging in” below the log in fields.
  2. Enter the username associated with your account.
  3. Tap “Need more help?” and then select the option about not being able to access or reset that email.
  4. Explain why you can’t access the email on file (was hacked, forgot password, etc).
  5. Instagram will ask if you have any photos or videos posted that clearly show your face/yourself. Answer yes if that’s the case.
  6. You will be prompted to enter a new email address to use for regaining access. Enter the email you want to switch to.
  7. Finally, you’ll need to upload a video selfie to confirm your identity. Follow the instructions, introduce yourself, and state clearly that you want to regain access to your account.

This process can take a few days as Instagram’s security team manually reviews each request. But if approved, your account email will be updated to the new one you provided.

It’s a bit more involved, but at least there’s a way how to change my email on Instagram, even without being able to log in initially. 


Keeping your contact information, like email addresses, updated is just good digital housekeeping. You don’t want to risk missing out on notifications, messages, or opportunities because your account details are stale.

Whether you use Instagram for business or just personal use, this guide showed you how easy it is to change your email and ensure everything is up-to-date.

With just a few taps, you’ll have your Instagram squared away with the right email(s) displayed. It’s a simple task to check off your list and one less thing requiring your attention.


How do I remove my email from Instagram?

Actually, you can completely remove your email address from Instagram.  Before removing your current email,  add a phone number to your account. Instagram requires a backup method of contact in case you lose access to your email.
Once you’ve added a phone number, open the Instagram app and then your profile page.
Tap “Edit Profile”. Tap “Email” and delete your old email. Tap the checkmark to save your changes.
Your old email address will be removed.

Can you change your Instagram email without email?

Can you change your email on Instagram if I don’t have access to my email or number? To update your Instagram account with a new email address or phone number, you’ll need to be logged in to your account already. This ensures you maintain control and keeps others from accessing your account with outdated information.
You must be able to log in using your existing email, phone number, or Facebook connection.  If you’re completely locked out, you’ll need to reach out to Instagram support for help.

How do I transfer my Instagram account to another email?

You need just to know, “How do you change your email on instagram?”. Simply log in, go to your profile settings, find “Personal Information Settings,” and tap “Email.” Update the address and save!  This keeps your account info intact while switching emails.

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