We see that many people are looking for an answer to, “How to log into someone’s Instagram without them being notified?” While it seemed suspicious at first, we understand that doing so is not only for bad intentions.

For example, parents are normally curious about their kids’ social media, especially when their kids suddenly act differently. The same thing also goes for us adults. When we noticed that our spouse was acting weird, our first instinct would be to check their Instagram.

Considering how serious and deep their secrets might be, we understand how many people are curious about how to secretly gain access to someone else’s Instagram account without a password.

In this article, we want to share how to give access to an Instagram account without a password through 4 different methods. See each of them in more detail below:

4 Methods On How to Give access to Instagram account without a Password

We want to explain four different methods to gain access to someone’s Instagram account secretly. Let us see them one by one.

Method 1: Phonsee Instagram Message Viewer

Those who want to know how to log into someone’s Instagram without being notified can rest assured as there’s one effective method they can use. The method we’re talking about is using a spy app.

Spy apps are popular tools for secretly gaining access to someone’s social media. Additionally, you can also discover so many secrets hidden in their messaging apps, messages, and calls as well.

One solid example of these spy apps is Phonsee. Phonsee is a beloved mobile phone tracker that has already been used by many. It packs so many useful features that are usable on both Android and iPhone devices.

If you want to know how to log into someone’s Instagram, Phonsee also has a function that is specially made for this task. With the feature and quick setup, you can enter someone’s Instagram account without worrying about getting caught in the act.

Additionally, Phonsee has other helpful features, such as PIN GPS Location, Virtual Boundaries Setup, and Location Data Checking. As an icing on the cake, Phonsee also offers excellent custom support 24 hours a day to answer your problems.

How to Log Into Someone’s Instagram Without Them Knowing

Then, how to log into someone’s Instagram without them knowing using Phonsee? The method is actually simple. Users have to do the correct installation by following the instructions given to them after buying a subscription. For a more detailed explanation, follow the steps below:

  1. The first thing you want to do is to create an account. Visit Phonsee’s official website at https://phonsee.com/ and select “Try Now.”
  2. Then, select any plan you want to get. Phonsee has Monthly, Quarterly, and Yearly plans starting from $8.85 a month.
  3. After that, check your email. Phonsee will send the account details along with the setup instructions straight to your mail.
  4. Do the setup process as instructed.
  5. After finishing the setup, log into your account and start monitoring from the dashboard!

Phonsee is popular not only because of its ability to spy on others. The app has a lot of useful features you can use daily, including:

  • App-Blocking Feature: This is useful for parents who want to limit or block access to certain apps their kids use the most
  • Browser Bookmark Checker: See what the kids or your spouse have accessed online. If you notice something unusual, you may confront them about it.
  • Calendar Viewer: See what the plans they have made for the month by checking their calendar.
  • Wi-Fi Analyzer: This feature allows users to check on any Wi-Fi connections that were previously connected to the target device.
  • Website-Blocking Feature: Block any unwanted access to certain websites you’d think inappropriate or scammy.

Method 2: Get Passwords from Browser Password Manager

“So, can you log into someone else’s Instagram without them knowing?” Absolutely. Gaining access to someone’s account can be done through various ways. If using spy apps doesn’t suit you, refer to this method instead.

If you see that the target device is lying around unattended, you can simply get direct access to it and check the browser password manager. This is where you can see all the passwords that were previously saved on their desktop or phone. To do this, you need to do some steps, such as:

  1. Open the browser on the target phone, for example, Chrome.
  2. When it’s open, check the three dots at the top right of the screen
  3. From there, scroll down until you can see the “Settings.”
  4. Open it, and check the Password Manager
  5. Scroll down until you can see the “Save Passwords” part.
  6. Select the arrow next to the Instagram account if you want to see its password, and click the eye icon.
  7. That’s it; the password will be shown to you.

Method 3: Reset Their Password

To log into Instagram without a password, you can also reset their password. We recommend it as a last resort as this might seem to be too extreme to some extent. Plus, the person who owns the target device will definitely realize it as Instagram will send the password reset request link to their emails.

But, if you still want to do it, we will explain it anyway. To reset an Instagram password, you have to prepare two things: direct access to the phone and the target’s email credentials. Without one of them, you’ll basically stuck midway with no success.

After ensuring that everything is carefully prepared, follow these steps:

  1. First, you have to open the Instagram app on the target phone
  2. Select the “Forgot Password” option
  3. Enter the email and username of the Instagram account
  4. Check the email address and click the provided link
  5. Open the link and change the password with a new one
  6. That’s it, the password has been reset.

Method 4: Using the Linked Facebook Account

Last but not least, you can also use a feature that links Meta accounts. Through Facebook, you can link your Instagram account. So, everything you create on the other platform can be transferred seamlessly. For example, when you make a story on Instagram, you can share it directly with the Facebook story.

To link the accounts, users have to use a professional account. To enter someone’s Instagram account through Facebook, you can follow these steps:

  1. First, log in to the target’s Facebook
  2. Click the profile image and select Settings and Privacy. Select Settings
  3. On the left, you can see the Meta Accounts Center. Click that.
  4. You can see all the connected Meta accounts here, including Instagram. If you want to access their Instagram, select Password & Security, and select Change Password
  5. Click Instagram, and make a new password for the Instagram account
  6. Now that the process is complete, you can enter the Instagram account using a new password.


That concludes our blog today about how to log in to an Instagram account without a password. Hopefully, our explanations might answer your curiosity. Getting into someone’s Instagram account might not seem as hard as you think because now we have some alternatives to use.

Out of all the methods above, we highly recommend using the spy apps to have a pleasant monitoring experience. You can still monitor everything after finishing the setup process and enjoy all the features the tool can offer. At such a relatively affordable price, Phonsee is definitely recommended.


How many people can log into an Instagram account?

One Instagram account can be accessed from five different devices. Therefore, you can share the same Instagram credentials with the individuals you want to connect with, like managers, video creators, and editors.

What is the best way to log into Instagram without a password?

The best and quickest way is using a spy app, such as Phonsee. Although the setup might seem a bit complex, it is actually easy. After finishing the process, you can monitor the target device remotely at all times, which is highly convenient.

Can I log in to someone’s Instagram account for free

We only consider one method: having direct access to the target phone while the Instagram app is still open. This is free but really risky as the target won’t feel safe having you enter their Instagram.

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