Facebook activity can be a topic of great interest. Whether it is for monitoring the activities of your stalker or if you are just curious about what your business page fans are up to on Facebook, here is how you can see what someone likes and comments on Facebook.

Here is a list of five approaches that will assist you in obtaining this information.

1. Use mSpy – The Most Effective Spy Tool

mSpy is a useful tool that will help you track different activities on Facebook.

It is especially helpful for parents who want to supervise their children’s activity on social networks or employers who oversee employee activity.

Why Use mSpy?

The mSpy software offers the best way to see someone’s likes on Facebook.

This application has an option of stealth, so the user whose activities are being monitored will not have any idea that they are being monitored.

It helps to show the user’s liked posts, comments, and other activities on Facebook.

How To Use mSpy

  1. Purchase a Subscription: Go to www.mSpy.com and select the option that best suits you. This step is important because it defines the number of facilities you can use in your work.
  2. Install the App: Launch the mSpy website to begin the installation process of the application on the target device. This step will only take a few minutes, but you will need to have physical access to the device.
  3. Monitor Activity: Go to your mSpy dashboard and check the Facebook section to monitor the target’s activity. So, can you see what someone likes on Facebook? Yes, with the user-friendly dashboard that allows you to view all Facebook interactions.

2. How to Find Someone’s Comments On Facebook By Checking Their Profile

Another way of viewing someone’s likes on Facebook is through a more exhaustive approach to checking the profile.

This how to see someone’s liked posts on Facebook method is rather simple but only works well if the other person has not changed his or her privacy settings on the social networking site.

To do this, click the person’s name in the chat window to go to his or her Facebook profile. This can be done by typing their name in the search space of the Facebook search engine.

Go through their timeline and look at the likes and comments they made on the other posts. The “Activity Log” section of their Facebook profile shows the recent activities of a user, including the posts and comments that the user has recently liked.

3. Use the Facebook Search Bar

The option of the search bar on Facebook can be quite helpful in finding such personal information.

You need to enter keywords related to the activity you want to find in the search field. For instance, if you want to know how to check someone’s likes on Facebook, you can use the keywords of the post along with the individual’s name in the search bar.

To refine the results, you can use the filters to select whether you want to search for posts, comments, or likes.

The Facebook search bar provides users with a list of options that narrow down the results by people, posts, photos, and so on, which can assist the user in finding the activity they are interested in.

As useful as this method is, it can only provide a lot of information if your target person has low privacy settings and if your search terms are precise.

4. Create a Fake Account

The next method is to create a fake account, which is not very ethical but can sometimes be useful to see someone’s likes and comments if their profile is set to private.

Create a new Facebook profile with realistic details—that is, fake but plausible. Certain tips increase the possibility of being friended by making sure the profile appears authentic.

Then, add the target person as a friend, assuming you know their profile name or username on the social network.

After they have accepted your friend request, you can check up on their likes and comments much more easily. So, can you see what posts someone likes on Facebook with this method? Yes, but it’s not the most practical.

5. Just Ask

You can simply inquire about the person’s Facebook activity, which is perhaps the most direct method to see what posts someone likes on Facebook.

Try to go to the person and kindly request them to allow you to join in on their activity. Be honest with yourself about your motives for seeking this information.

But if they refuse, then it is important to accept this and not intrude on their personal space.

This method is the most ethical and respect-worthy way to gain knowledge.

It is most effective when the target is on friendly terms with the person, and the latter does not mind the former observing him during his active phase.


As mentioned earlier, there are different ways through which you can view someone’s likes on Facebook.

Regardless of whether you decide to utilize a tool such as mSpy, observe the target profile, use the search bar, create a fake account, or simply ask them directly, each of these methods has its advantages and disadvantages.

Remember that all these methods are the answers on how to see what someone likes on Facebook should be used in a responsible manner, and the privacy of the individuals involved should be respected.


Is There a Way to See Someone’s Facebook Likes If the List Is Set to Private?

If one’s friends list is set to private, one can check their mutual friends, fake an account, or use social engineering. However, always respect privacy settings and do not engage in other unethical actions.

Can I View Someone’s Activity on Facebook?

Yes, you can view someone’s activity on Facebook by visiting their profile, using the search bar, or employing monitoring tools like mSpy. However, your ability to see their activity will depend on their privacy settings.

Is There a Likes Page on Facebook?

No, there isn’t a specific “Likes” page on Facebook. However, depending on their privacy settings, you can see liked posts and pages on someone’s profile.

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