Texting and calling are two of the most popular methods of communication with friends and family. Unfortunately, these forms of communication can also be used to engage in secretive conversations that could potentially hurt a marriage.

If you’re worried about who your husband is texting or calling, there are ways to find out for free. With the right tools and methods, you can easily find out who your husband is talking to without raising suspicion.

Method #1: Using mSpy App


Another way to see who your husband is texting is with a third-party app. There are many tracking apps available online that allow users to monitor their spouse’s cell phone activity without them knowing it.

What Is mSpy?

The mSpy app is a powerful monitoring tool that can be installed on most modern smartphones. It allows you to track all text messages and calls made by your husband’s phone, as well as see who he is talking to.

The app also gives you access to his browsing history, GPS location, and even social media apps like Facebook and Twitter.

Main Features Of mSpy

The primary features of mSpy include:

Track text messages and calls – You can view all incoming and outgoing SMS messages, as well as any calls made from or received on the monitored device.

GPS tracking – Monitor your husband’s whereabouts in real-time with the help of GPS technology.

Social media monitoring – Gain access to his social media apps like Facebook and Twitter. See who he is talking to and what posts he has liked or shared. 

View photos & videos – Monitor all photos and videos taken on the device, as well as any that are saved in his photo gallery. 

Web history – mSpy can log all websites visited on the monitored device. You’ll know exactly where your husband has been surfing online.

App usage – See which apps are installed on his device, as well as how often he is using them. 

Block unwanted content – With mSpy, you can block any suspicious contacts or websites from being viewed on the monitored device.

With mSpy you can easily monitor your husband’s phone activity without having to worry about him finding out.

Did you know? According to a 2019 survey, over 30% of respondents said they had used some form of digital tracking or monitoring software to spy on their partner’s phones.

Find Out Who My Husband Is Texting In 3 Steps

Installing mSpy on your husband’s device is easy and takes just a few minutes. All you need is access to the target device and an active internet connection.

Step 1 : Create an Account

To create your mSpy account, visit the website and click on “Sign Up”. Enter a valid email address and choose a secure password.  Then, select the type of subscription plan that best suits your needs.

Step 2: Install mSpy

Once you have created your account, log in to it and follow the installation guide for Android or iOS devices accordingly. Depending on which platform your husband is using, you will need to either install a small app directly onto his device or enter its iCloud credentials.

Step 3: Start Monitoring

Once installed successfully, you can log in to your user account dashboard from any browser to start monitoring who he is texting with. You can check text messages, emails, call logs, and even the location of his device.

Method #2: Checking His Phone Records

woman use of cellphone

One of the simplest ways to find out who your husband is texting or calling is to check his cell phone records. Most service providers will provide access to these records for free on their website, which can include text message and call logs.

By checking these records, you should be able to identify the numbers that your husband is calling or texting on a regular basis. You may even find out who he’s talking to without having to

confront him directly.


  • Quick to access and easy to interpret. 


  • It only provides information about calls and texts made to other phones, not online messaging services.
  • Does not provide details on the content of the text messages or call conversations.

Why Is mSpy A Better Option?

  • It can not only monitor texts but also track online activities of your spouse such as emails sent/received, social media activity and even access the camera if necessary.
  • Data collected from mSpy are stored in cloud servers which makes them easily retrievable whenever you need them. 
  • It is also incredibly secure and uses encryption technology to ensure that all your data remains confidential.

Method #3:  Use Text Message Forwarding Services

Text Message Forwarding service allows you to receive text messages sent to your spouse’s phone on to your own device. It works by forwarding the texts from their device directly to yours and vice versa. This is a great option if you want to keep tabs on who they are texting without having to access their phone every time.

Installation Guide:

1. Sign up for a Text Message Forwarding service and follow the instructions provided once you have done so.

2. Set-up will require both parties (you and your spouse) to install the app on both phones, usually in sync mode so that all incoming messages are forwarded accordingly.

3. Once set-up is complete, you can start monitoring who your spouse is texting to.


  • Easy to use and set up.
  • Text message forwarding services are usually free or offered at a low cost.
  • The texts are usually encrypted for extra security.


  • Can be difficult to keep track of all the forwarded messages, depending on how often your spouse is texting and who they’re texting to.
  • Your spouse might become suspicious if they notice you frequently accessing their phone.

Why Is mSpy A Better Option?

  • Completely invisible to your spouse — no suspicious activity detected!
  • 24/7 monitoring capability allows you to keep track of who your spouse is speaking to at any hour of the day or night.
  • Advanced spying functionality such as geo-location tracking, access to deleted messages, and more.

Surprising Signs Your Husband Might Be Cheating 

1. He’s suddenly more interested in his appearance:

If your husband is paying much more attention to his looks and fashion, he might be trying to impress someone else.

2. He’s spending a lot of time away from home:

If your husband is always leaving the house for extended periods of time and won’t tell you where he’s going or who he’s seeing, it could be a sign that he’s cheating.

3. He avoids physical contact with you:

If your husband is no longer affectionate towards you and pulls away when you try to hug him, this could signify that there’s something wrong in the relationship.

4. His phone habits have changed:

If your husband is suddenly very protective of his phone and hides it from you, or if he gets a sudden influx of text messages that he won’t show you, this could be a sign that he’s cheating. Additionally, if your husband is always on the phone with someone when you’re around and won’t tell you who it is, this can be a warning sign.

5. He has suddenly started lying to you:

If your husband was never one for lies before but now constantly avoids telling you the truth about where he is going or who he’s talking to, there might be something else going on. Pay attention to his behavior and see if the lies start piling up.

These are just a few signs that you may notice if your husband is cheating. If you believe that these signs apply to him, it’s important to take the necessary steps to ensure your safety and well-being.


If you noticed any of the signs listed above and believe your husband is cheating on you, it’s important to take action. Talk to him about your concerns and if necessary, contact a private investigator for further help in determining who he is texting. Taking the steps to address these issues now will ensure that both parties can move forward with their lives in a healthy way.  It’s important to remember that not all relationships are perfect and even if your husband has been unfaithful, it does not mean that you are alone or without support. Reach out to friends and family for additional guidance when needed. No matter what, always prioritize yourself first.

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