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Have you ever wondered what someone is saying about you when you’re not around? Or do you want to listen in on a conversation that’s happening nearby but out of earshot? With the right apps and techniques, you can listen to phone surrounding live free.

While eavesdropping does raise some ethical concerns, there are legitimate reasons you may want to listen remotely. Parents may want to monitor children’s activities, employers may need to oversee employees, and you may simply be curious about what people around you are saying. It is unsurprising, as the total number of minutes wireless subscribers in the United States (U.S.) spent talking on the phone in 2022 decreased to 2.4 trillion minutes.

Luckily, in the age of smartphones, there are now several ways to tap into live audio from someone’s phone from a distance. Here are the top methods and apps to try in 2024.

Top 5 Ways To Listen to Phone Surroundings [Free & Remote]

Advances in smartphone software now allow you to use a device’s microphone to listen in on conversations happening around it. While features like this can provide valuable insights, the set of the rest features promises to be your number one assistant in monitoring! Therefore, let’s look at the most popular ways how to listen to someone’s phone calls without them knowing for free.

1. Try Out mSpy’s Newest Feature – Hidden Microphone

mspy hidden microphone

The top spy listening app for Android, mSpy, now offers a remote listening feature with its mSpy Extreme subscription. This lets you listen in on phone surroundings at any time via a hidden microphone. mSpy Extreme also has a hidden camera feature to see what’s happening around the target device. It’s one of the most powerful options for remote listening and monitoring.

The hidden microphone feature works by secretly activating the microphone on the monitored device to pick up audio from the surroundings. You can listen in real-time or record audio for playback later. This allows you to hear conversations, any ambient sounds, and essentially spy on the device’s environment.

The hidden camera operates similarly, secretly accessing the device’s camera to view video of the surroundings. Combined with the microphone, it provides a powerful surveillance capability.

How To Install mSpy Extreme – Remote Listening App?


To set up mSpy for live listening:

  • Purchase an mSpy Extreme subscription and provide your email address
  • Wait for install instructions to arrive in your inbox
  • Follow the email guide to log in and access your mSpy account
  • From the dashboard, you can then listen in on microphone audio

With proper consent, mSpy can be a helpful employer or parental monitoring tool. However, make sure you follow all laws if recording someone without their knowledge.

2. How to Hear Conversations From Far Away on iPhone for Free?

If you want to use the remote listening app free, you can try a few methods that don’t require any third-party remote control app. One of these methods is to use the Live Listen feature that comes with your iPhone. 

This feature allows you to use your iPhone as a remote microphone and listen to the surrounding audio on your hearing devices that are made for iPhone, such as AirPods, Powerbeats Pro, and Beats Fit Pro. 

To use this feature, you need to add Live Listen to Control Center by going to Settings and tapping on Control Center, it is like spy listening app for iPhone. Then, go to the Hearing option and tap on the “+” icon on its left side. After that, open Control Center and tap on the Ear icon to turn on Live Listen. Finally, select the connected hearing device, such as AirPods, and tap on Live Listen to turn it on. 

Once you have turned on Live Listen, you can place your iPhone near the person whose conversation you want to hear from a distance. 

Best Free Remote Listening Apps – Top 3 Choices

3. AirDroid


AirDroid is a popular free spy listening app for Android that allows you to access your Android or iOS device from your desktop. One handy feature is the ability to remotely listen in on your device’s surroundings in real-time mode.

To use it, simply install the AirDroid app on the target device and set up an account. You can then log into your AirDroid account on your desktop and tap on the accordant option to begin streaming audio from the device’s microphone. This allows you to discreetly listen to any live conversations or ambient sounds around the target device.

Pros: Allows remote live listen Android, works on both Android and iOS, no rooting or jailbreaking required, as they state. Pretty simple to set up and use.

Cons: Can only listen in real-time, no recording capability. The listening feature drains the device’s battery quickly. Requires installing an app on the target device, which could raise suspicions.

4. uMobix


uMobix is a family safety and parental monitoring app. A key feature is live audio streaming that lets you remotely listen in on your target device in real-time.

To use it, you’ll need to install the uMobix app on your child’s Android device and root the device. Once set up, you can discreetly tune in anytime to listen to live audio and sounds from your target’s surroundings. It also allows recording phone calls.

Pros: Free live listen Android and call recording features. Easy remote access from your own device.

Cons: Requires rooting/jailbreaking device, which can be complicated. Pretty pricey. Must install the monitoring app directly on the target device.

5. Hoverwatch


Hoverwatch is a phone monitoring solution offering free remote listening and call recording features. Once installed, it lets you listen in on live audio from the phone’s microphone.

To use Hoverwatch, you’ll need physical access to the target device to download the app and root access. After setup, you can remotely connect to the dashboard to stream live audio and record calls, as it is required in most apps that listen to your conversations.

Pros: Completely free live listening and call recording features. Easy-to-use dashboard for remote access. Stealth monitoring mode.

Cons: Must root the Android device before installing, which can be tricky. Could raise privacy concerns if monitoring without consent. Requires stable internet connection. Drains battery. 

So, if you need to hear conversations from far away app Android, AirDroid, uMobix, and Hoverwatch are good choices. Just note the limitations versus paid apps like mSpy.

Why Is There a Demand for Cellular Phone Eavesdropping?

Listen to Phone

There are both ethical and unethical motivations for eavesdropping and remote listening. Some legitimate reasons people want to listen in on phones include:

  • Parents monitoring children’s activities for safety – Many parents want to keep tabs on their kids’ locations, who they’re talking to, and what they’re doing for protection. Remote listening app allows them to occasionally check in on conversations for signs of risky behaviors, bullying, inappropriate content, or threats.
  • Employers overseeing employees for security purposes – Businesses may use monitoring to protect trade secrets, maintain quality control, or prevent insider threats. Calls may be sampled to ensure employees are not leaking confidential data, harassing coworkers, or doing anything illegal on company time.
  • Suspicious spouses checking for signs of cheating – App to listen to someone’s phone calls is used by some spouses who suspect their partner may be unfaithful. Being able to listen in on calls covertly can provide evidence of secret romantic liaisons.
  • Law enforcement and investigators gathering evidence – Police and private investigators have long used wiretaps and bugs to aid investigations and gather intel on suspects when permitted by court order. Listening covertly to phone communications can help build cases.
  • Curiosity about conversations happening nearby – Some eavesdroppers are simply nosy people interested in other’s personal conversations out of boredom or entertainment. Remote listening app makes this easy to do surreptitiously.

Unfortunately, there are also nefarious reasons some wish to spy on phones, like stalking, stealing information, or illegal surveillance. Unethical hacking, corporate espionage, and invasion of privacy without consent are risks.


From mSpy’s hidden mic feature to free iOS listening shortcuts, there are now various ways how to listen to someone’s phone calls without them knowing for free. While clearly open to abuse, these methods also have legitimate uses if implemented responsibly.

If you need occasional live phone listening, try the trick with AirPods. For regular monitoring of children or employees, mSpy remains the most powerful option, now with live listening via its Extreme version. And free Android apps like AirDroid, uMobix, and Hoverwatch allow basic real-time listening.

Just be sure you are using such opportunities to listen to conversations from a distance app iPhone legally and ethically. With the right approach, remote listening can be an effective tool for monitoring within families, workplaces, and investigations.

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