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Sometimes the compulsion to place all dots above i drives us to take proactive measures. You want to know who says what and when, but the idea of placing a bug inside the room sounds ridiculous, isn’t it? 

Here’s a big idea: ambient audio recording requires no spy games to gather valuable information. We’ve tested 5 Android remotely listening apps free tools for you and put them all into our comprehensive review. Get ready to find the best one for your needs!

mLite: Hear Conversations from Far Away App Android


mLite was designed to give parents much-needed peace of mind regarding their kids’ digital activities. The app offers a range of tracking tools wrapped in a stylish and intuitive interface. While it provides a wealth of functions to explore, the standout feature of mLite is the voice recorder. This tool captures high-quality audio recordings remotely, which sets mLite apart as the best spy remote listening app Android.

What mLite Has to Offer

  • Get Inside the Contact List. mLite accurately displays contacts stored on the target device. If you suspect your loved ones are communicating with someone suspicious, you can retrieve their numbers and names via your Control Panel.
  • Listen to Surroundings. mLite grants you control over the target device’s microphone, allowing you to capture crystal-clear audio recordings. You can even download the files to your device.
  • Track live GPS location. With mLite, you can also track the device’s movement on an interactive map in real time. Wherever your loved ones may be, mLite provides you with precise coordinates and addresses. mLite stores location history as well.
  • Set Up Geofences. The remote listening app mLite allows you to create restricted and prohibited zones on the interactive map. Whenever the target device enters or leaves these designated areas, the app will notify you.
  • Monitor App Usage. mLite provides a list of the apps installed on the target devices. You can quickly check out the content your loved ones are consuming and take the appropriate measures to protect them.
  • Come to the Rescue. mLite adds the alarm button on the main screen of the target device. With one tap, your loved ones can alert you in case of any emergency. 

How to Listen to Phone Surrounding Live Free In 3 Steps

mLite is available on the Google Play store, making it easy for you to download the Android remote microphone spy free. Follow these simple steps to install mLite successfully.

Step 1. Download mLite.

Download mLite from the Google Play Store on both your and the target device. On your device, register a parental account. On the target device, open mLite and select “Child” status in the top left corner.

Step 2. Link the Devices

Now open mLite on your device and access the Devices list. Tap on the empty device slot, then select the “Link Device” option. mLite will display a QR code. Finally, open the spy listening app on your child’s device to scan the QR code.

Step 3. Start Monitoring

Now you can monitor your child’s activities whenever needed, right from the mLite app. The interface is simple to navigate, enabling you to record your surroundings with a tap of a button. It feels like you are using a default voice recorder. 

mSpy Extreme: Advanced Spy Listening App for Android

mspy app

You’ve probably heard of mSpy, the leading monitoring app on the market. With over 36 tools, mSpy tracks both offline and online data, exposing every single detail of private life, including activity on social media apps. But do you know that mSpy offers an Extreme version? Yes, you got it right! mSpy Extreme is an advanced spy listening app for Android you would definitely want to try.

Advanced Features of mSpy Extreme

  • Ambient Recorder. Record the target phone’s surroundings from any Internet-connected device and listen to them later.
  • Remote Camera. Activate the camera remotely and view real-time footage of the target device’s surroundings.
  • Keylogger. Get comprehensive records of every keystroke made on the target device.
  • GPS Tracker. Track their movements down to coordinates and address with accuracy up to 10 meters in real-time.
  • Screen Recorder. Take unlimited screenshots of the target device. You won’t miss any disappearing messages or pictures.
  • Invisible Mode. Enable stealth mode to hide mSpy from the task manager and main menu.

How to Use mSpy Extreme

The listening device app for Android mSpy Extreme is available on the official website. Although slightly different from mLite, installation of mSpy Extreme is just as simple.

Step 1. Create mSpy Extreme account

Go to and scroll down to the bottom of the page. Then, locate the “mSpy Extreme” tab. Click on it to create your account with an email address.

Step 2. Install mSpy Extreme

Once you’ve created an account, you will receive a welcome email with a download link and an installation guide. Follow the instructions to finish configuring the remote listening app.

Step 3. Start Monitoring

Now, navigate to and sign into your monitoring account using your registered credentials. On the main page, you will find a Control Panel. Choose any category from the left-handed panel to load the data mSpy Extreme has recorded.

Other Popular Android Remotely Listening Apps Free 



XNSPY is another well-known monitoring app specifically designed for Android devices. While it falls into a premium category, its all-around control tools will impress anyone seeking a spy listening app with advanced features. With XNSPY, you can:

  • Record calls: XNSPY makes it easy to get insights into private conversations. The app records all calls on the target devices and stores audio files in your personal account. These files hold additional data, such as contact names, numbers, and timestamps.
  • Listen to surroundings: XNSPY integrates into the system code to control the microphone. You don’t have to worry about complex coding to make this remote listening app work. Instead, all you need to do is to press the “Record” button on your control panel.
  • Receive alerts: XNSPY notifies you of any device movement, SIM card changes, and suspicious contacts. You will receive crucial information in real time, without delays.
  • Send remote commands: As we mentioned before, XNSPY integrates into the system code to record the surroundings of the target device. But it doesn’t stop there. You can also take screenshots and lock the phone directly from the Commands panel.



While premium record applications emphasize design and advanced features, iKeyMonitor focuses on basic tracking. You can download the free spy listening app for Android within minutes from the official website. The best part is that KeyMonitor is highly customizable, allowing you to upgrade your user experience by adding a recording app to the control panel.

Basic Toolset covers:

  • Call Tracking. iKeyMonitor retrieves recent calls completed with contact info and timestamps.
  • SMS Monitoring. In addition to message content, iKeyMonitor accurately displays attached files and links that you can download for offline access.
  • Calendar Spying. iKeyMonitor extracts information on events and locations added to a target device’s calendar.
  • Voice Memo Tracking. If the target user records voice memos or any other content on the default voice recorder, the spy listening app iKeyMonitor will send them to your dashboard.

Addons You Will Love:

  • Call Recorder
  • Ambient Recorder
  • Camera Control
  • Keylogger
  • Social Media Tracker



FlexiSpy is a call-recording app that takes this task to a whole new level. If your loved ones are chatterboxes who can do nothing but send voice messages all day round on social media and IMs, FlexiSpy will provide you with recordings, unlike the two previous apps. FlexiSpy goes beyond cellular call recording. This hear conversations from far away app Android records chats across all apps.

For example, you can listen to conversations from a distance app on:

  • Facebook
  • Hangout
  • LINE
  • Viber
  • WhatsApp

Outside of this, FlexiSpy excels at the remote camera and microphone control. Not only can you capture ambient sounds, but you can also record high-quality videos without notifying the user.


How Can I Detect Remote Listening App On My Device?

Since most listening apps are designed to remain invisible on the target device, you won’t find them on Settings. However, it’s worth paying attention to subtle changes in your device’s performance, such as unexplained shutdowns, background noise, and the heated battery. These signs indicate the presence of third-party software.

Is There a Free Spy Listening App for Android Tablets?

Sure. For example, mLite and mSpy Extreme are compatible with phones and tablets.

Can the User Detect the Remote Listening App for Android?

It depends on the software you download. Some remote listening apps are designed to remain completely invisible, while others require rooting your device.


If you’re looking for remotely listening apps free, consider the best monitoring applications we’ve reviewed here. For a smooth and intuitive user experience, we recommend downloading mLite. This application captures crystal-clear audio recordings, providing сomprehensive insights into your loved one’s activities. Or, you can give mSpy Extreme a try if you need advanced features like video recording and keylogger. 

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