Are you curious about what your loved ones are up to on their iPhones but don’t have access to their devices? Most traditional spy apps indeed require you to have physical access to the target phone for installation. But what if you could monitor someone’s iPhone without touching it? Well, you’re in luck! There are spy apps out there that can help you keep an eye on their activities without needing to install anything on their phones physically. Let’s look into the best spy app for iPhone without access to target phone.

Phone Spy AppFree TrialCompatibility
mSpyYesAndroid, iOS
PhonseeNoAndroid 4+ and iOS 7+
EyezyNoAndroid, iOS

7 Best Spy Apps for iPhone Without Access to Target Phone (Free)

The realm of spy apps is expansive. While some excel in location-tracking capabilities, others provide unparalleled monitoring solutions. To spare you the time and effort of navigating through them all, we’ve curated our top 7 picks, highlighting their standout functions. This way, you can make an informed decision without the hassle of individual research.

Looking for a spy app without target iPhone? Installing these apps on the target device typically takes 5–10 minutes. After that, you can activate remote monitoring without further access to the target iPhone. However, while some apps excel in this aspect, others might not offer the same level of functionality or reliability.

1. mSpy


mSpy is a powerhouse when it comes to monitoring iOS devices. It’s the best iPhone spy app without target phone. With it, you can keep a close eye on your target’s digital activities without them ever suspecting a thing. The mSpy dashboard itself is user-friendly and intuitive. It makes it accessible even if you’re unfamiliar with parental control apps. When you encounter any problems, the customer support team will always guide you.

Once installed, it grants you access to abundant features, including:

Main Functions:

  • Call Monitoring
  • Text Message Tracking
  • GPS Location Tracking
  • Social Media Monitoring
  • Keylogger Feature
  • Manage Online Activity
  • Discover what’s stored on the target phone
  • Screen recording

2. Eyezy

Among the many free spy apps for iPhone without installing on target phone, Eyezy is another reliable option for monitoring remotely. Its seamless installation process allows you to get up and running quickly. The best part? You get many essential tracking features without physical access to the target phone.

Main Functions:

  • Call Logging
  • SMS Tracking
  • Location Tracking
  • Social Media Monitoring
  • Content Blocking
  • Web History Viewing

3. Phonsee

Phonsee boasts a user-friendly interface and a reliable feature set for tracking your loved ones. Yes, you can access all its features to spy on iPhone without access to target phone. You just have to purchase the subscription and finish the installation to monitor activities on the target device discreetly.

Main Functions:

  • Call Recording
  • Message Tracking
  • GPS tracking & geofencing
  • App Usage Tracking
  • Web History Monitoring
  • Take Screenshots
  • Keylogging

4. Clevguard

Clevguard is renowned for its advanced monitoring capabilities and easy setup process, making it an excellent option for those looking to spy on iPhone without access to target phone. However, Clevguard’s app filtering is limited to specific periods. It also lacks screen time controls and scheduling features similar to parental control applications. Furthermore, the pricing is relatively high, especially considering it only supports monitoring for one device.

Main Functions:

  • Call Monitoring
  • Message Tracking
  • GPS Location Tracking
  • Social Media Monitoring
  • App Blocking

5. uMobix

uMobix offers a comprehensive suite of monitoring tools for iPhones, so you can keep tabs on the target phone’s activities without needing access.

But if you’re looking for a spy app for iPhone without target phone to monitor your kids, uMobix isn’t the app for you. The software lacks essential parental control features such as website filtering, time limits, and scheduling. Additionally, the geofencing functionality of its location tracking feature is also missing. Moreover, several features like the keylogger are unavailable for iPhone users, limiting its usability on iOS devices.

Main Functions:

  • Call Logging
  • Text Message Tracking
  • Location Tracking
  • Social Media Monitoring

6. FlexiSPY

FlexiSPY is a feature-rich spy app that allows you to monitor iPhones without installing anything on the target device. Its advanced tracking capabilities and stealth mode make it ideal for discreet monitoring.

However, it comes with a hefty price tag, mainly if you aim to unlock features in upper-tier packages. Certain basic features, like blocking websites or numbers, aren’t available to users. So, is it the best spy app for iPhone without target phone? Certainly not! But it does an okay job of it!

Main Functions:

  • Call Recording
  • Message Tracking
  • GPS Location Monitoring
  • Surround Recording
  • Remote Control Features

7. Norton Family

Norton Family is not just about antivirus protection; it brings strong monitoring capabilities for iOS devices, making it among the best spy apps for iPhone without having target phone. Without them ever knowing, you can keep tabs on your target’s digital activities, from website visits to app usage. Its easy setup process and convenient interface make it a good choice for parents and employers.

However, Norton Family offers no text message, iMessage, or email monitoring. Certain tracking features are only functional on mobile devices if your child utilizes the Norton Family browser. The software cannot monitor macOS devices.

Main Functions:

  • Web Filtering
  • App Usage Monitoring
  • Location Tracking
  • Screen Time Management
  • Social Media Supervision

How to Remotely Spy on iPhone Without Access To Target Phone

Don’t have access to the target iPhone? No problem! You can easily install mSpy to spy on iPhone without access to target phone using two simple methods: iCloud Sync and Wi-Fi Sync. All you need to know are the iCloud credentials; you’re ready to start monitoring!

Here’s how it works:

  1. Purchase a subscription and select your iOS device.
  2. Choose the iCloud Sync installation method and follow the prompts.
  3. Log in to mSpy with your credentials.
  4. Enter the iCloud credentials of the target iPhone to establish the connection.
  5. Input the 6-digit code from the target device to finalize the link process.
  6. Wait as mSpy gathers the data for you.
  7. Once completed, you can access your loved one’s phone information.

Alternatively, you can opt for Wi-Fi Sync for advanced iPhone monitoring:

  1. Install the Wi-Fi sync app included in your subscription on your Mac or PC.
  2. Connect the target iPhone to your computer with a USB cable and let the app perform its backup.
  3. Once the backup is done, disconnect the iPhone and easily enjoy monitoring over Wi-Fi.

Wrapping Up

As we wrap up our exploration of the best free iPhone spy app without target phone, one thing’s clear: several options are available to find out what your loved ones are up to online. Whether you choose a user-friendly interface of mSpy or the quick installation process of Eyezy, each app brings its own set of features to suit your needs. Remember to choose wisely, considering functionality, reliability, and pricing factors. Then, sit back, relax, and know your loved ones are safe!


Is it Possible to Spy on Someone’s iPhone Remotely?

Yes, it’s possible to spy on someone’s iPhone remotely using spy apps. However, many spy apps require software installation on the target device. Luckily, with apps like mSpy, Phonsee, and Eyezy, you don’t have to worry about having physical access to the phone. You can use iCloud Sync or Wi-Fi Sync to get started.

What Does the Free iPhone Spy App Mean?

A free iPhone spy app without target phone typically offers basic monitoring features at no cost. However, such apps usually come with limitations or ads and may also lack the features that a paid app provides.

What is the Best Spy App for iPhone Without Access to Target Phone?

The iPhone spy without access to target phone free depends on your specific needs and budget. However, mSpy, Phonsee, and Eyezy are safe options that offer all the required monitoring features to monitor your loved ones.

How to Choose the Best iPhone Spy App Without Target Phone?

When choosing a spy app for iPhone without target phone access, consider factors like features, compatibility, user reviews, and customer support service to find the best fit for your requirements. If you’re new to monitoring apps, consider the app’s user interface.

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