If your SO acts suspiciously around their phone, you want nothing but the truth from them. Would they explain what’s going on on their phone? Perhaps they would. But deep down, you know they might not tell the whole truth. If you’re ready to discover the actual reason behind the uptick in their phone use, our answer is simple: use a monitoring app.

Why? Well, because such apps let you keep tabs on your partner remotely without them knowing. In fact, 34% of adults have snooped on their partner’s devices, so why not take a more techy approach? We’ve handpicked the top 7 tools for monitoring your partner’s phone, and they will all give you access to their device in no time.

mSpy —  #1  Method to Track Your Boyfriend’s Phone Without Him Knowing

mSpy is the go-to app people use to keep an eye on their partners. What is so special about it? The toolset! mSpy lets you monitor virtually any activity on your partner’s phone, including text messages, call logs, and even location. 

Given how easy mSpy is to use, you’ll get started within minutes, all thanks to four installation modes. You can even set it up remotely! mSpy is also one of a few apps to track boyfriends that come with a blocking feature. If his phone usage is getting out of hand, you can block specific apps and websites in one tap.

Best 2024 Boyfriend Tracking Apps Reviewed

Technology advancement is on the rise, and so is our phone usage. The influence of this trend on romantic relationships has two sides. 

On the bright side, long-distance relationships are no longer a serious issue because it’s so easy to get in touch. On the other hand, your partner has all the means to text someone else anytime they want.

To help you figure out what your SO is really up to, we’ve done a little research on the best apps available to track your boyfriend’s phone activity without him knowing. Here’s what we found:

Top 7 Apps to Track Your Boyfriend’s Phone Activity Without Him Knowing

  1. mSpy – One of the best apps to track your boyfriend’s phone activity without him knowing.
  2. FlexiSPY- Simple boyfriend tracker
  3. Spyera – Secretly track your boyfriend’s moves
  4. Eyezy –  Advanced boyfriend tracking app for Android and iOS
  5. MobiPast – Track multiple phones from one account
  6. Mobile Spy – Track your boyfriend’s location with ease
  7. TheTruthSpy – Know what he’s up to 24/7

mSpy  – #1 Choice For Tracking Boyfriend’s Phone


If you want to know everything that happens in your boyfriend’s life, mSpy is your best solution. It tracks every single bit of data his phone generates, including messages, calls, social media activity, browsing history, and GPS location. 

On top of that, you can discover what your boyfriend is up to when he is offline. For example, mSpy gives you access to calendar, contact book, and apps. All these features are wrapped into a stylish and intuitive interface. Best part? mSpy runs invisibly on the target device, so your boyfriend won’t know it’s linked to your monitoring account.

Extremely easy to useOffers 36+ tools for real-time monitoringLets you control the target device remotelyRuns in a stealth mode24/7 live customer supportVoice recording comes in an extreme package

FlexiSPY – See His Every Text Secretly


FlexiSpy is yet another powerful app that can help you keep tabs on your partner’s activities. If you can’t stop thinking about his late-night chats, just link FlexiSpy to your boyfriend’s device. This app records messages and calls in real time, sending the data to your control panel.

Lets you spy on multiple devicesWorks with Android and iOS platformsMonitors calls, messages, emails, and moreUpdates data in real-timeRequires jailbreakingCosts are higher than similar apps

Spyera – Monitor His Texts, Calls and Location


Spyera gets its place on our list of best spy apps due to its simplicity. Even if you’re new to monitoring apps, you can track your partner’s activities without putting in much effort. Spyera has a user-friendly interface, and you can access data using any device.

But don’t let the minimalistic UI fool you. Spyera has many features to offer, including GPS tracking, camera control, application blocking, and keylogging. Plus, with Spyera, you can monitor text messages, calls, and emails, all without your partner knowing.

Comprehensive monitoring solutionFeature-rich applicationMinimalistic UISome features require rootingThe money-back guarantee lasts only 10 days

Eyezy – Best Boyfriend’s Social Media Tracker


If your boyfriend hangs out on social media apps all the time, it makes sense to keep an eye on him. Eyezy, as you may have guessed, is the perfect tool for that kind of job. You can see everything your SO is doing online without them knowing. You can monitor text messages, emails, call logs, GPS location, friend lists, and more. 

Offers an extensive feature set that includes advanced toolsHas a sleek and modern interfaceComes with a keylogger and screen recorderDrains battery of older devicesDoesn’t offer a Family plan for multiple devices

MobiPast – Take A Closer Look At Boyfriend’s Life


MobiPast was designed as a parental control tool, but you can use it to check what’s going on in your partner’s phone without them knowing. Like most parental apps, Mobipast lets users control mobile devices remotely. It sends the recorded data to your personal account, which you can access from any browser. This includes text messages, emails, call logs, GPS location, and more. 

Remote Control Panel can be accessed from any browserOffers unique tools for call recording and camera controlDoes not require jailbreaking and rootingDoesn’t work with some phones and tabletsThe design is a bit outdated

Mobile Spy – Spy On His Texts Remotely

Mobile Spy

Mobile Spy could be the dream of Agent 007. It lets you monitor your partner’s activities without them knowing 24/7, no matter where you are. Apart from basic features like GPS tracking and call logging, Mobile Spy offers advanced tools such as remote camera control and keylogging so you can get a complete picture of what they are doing with their phone.

A decent app with advanced features for remote monitoringLets you record video remotelySupport tracking of multiple devices from a single accountThe subscription price is higher than the averageDoesn’t work with old devices

TheTruthSpy – Monitor Boyfriend’s Phone Activity


TheTruthSpy can reveal your partner’s deepest secrets with just a few clicks. It has a wide range of features that let you monitor both offline and online activities. You can track GPS location, read text messages and emails, view call logs, and access social media accounts, all in real-time. You can also use TheTruthSpy to block certain numbers. 

Offers feature for remote control and online monitoringSupport tracking of multiple devices Lets you block unwanted calls/texts from certain numbers Doesn’t work with old iOS devicesCan be glitchy

Best Boyfriend Spy Apps Compared

Now that you know what spy apps to use for monitoring your partner’s activity on their phone, let’s choose the best one for your needs. We’ve put together a chart with key information, including compatibility and price. Check it out below!

Boyfriend Spy AppCompatibilityPrice 
mSpyAndroid & iOS $23.99
FlexiSPYAndroid & iOS $29.95
SpyeraAndroid & iOS $29.99
EyezyAndroid & iOS €23.99
MobiPastAndroid & iOS $24,99
MobileSPYAndroid & iOS $69.99
TheTruthSpyAndroid & iOS $55.99

Once you’ve decided which pricing plan might work for you, take some time to read about the app’s features. Each app we’ve described has different toolsets, so it’s important to pick the one that meets your needs. For instance, apps like mSpy and Eyezy can record screen remotely, and MobiPast control phone camera.

Plus, it’s always a good idea to check out user reviews. The firsthand experience of others will provide insights into how a specific app works and its benefits. Additionally, decide on what type of activities you’d like to monitor – some apps offer more comprehensive features than others.

At the end of the day, choosing the perfect boyfriend spy app requires a bit of research and understanding of your own needs and preferences. However, our article simplifies the process by outlining what to look for in a good app. You’ll find the best fit for your situation quickly and easily!

How to Track Your Boyfriend’s Phone with a Spy App Tutorial

Want to start monitoring your partner’s activity right now? Using a spy app is one of the easiest and most reliable ways to track your boyfriend’s phone. mSpy is one of the best solutions you can choose for such purposes. It offers an extensive range of features that can help you keep tabs on your significant other without them knowing.

How to Install mSpy: Step-By-Step Guide

1. Create your mSpy account and choose the subscription plan that fits your needs. Once you complete payment, you’ll receive a welcome email with instructions and a License code.

2. Install mSpy onto your boyfriend’s device directly or remotely. The process is simple and takes only a few minutes. You’ll need to get your boyfriend’s phone for this step.

3. Once installation is completed, open your web browser and log into the mSpy dashboard to view your boyfriend’s activity. From here, you can read his messages, view call logs, track GPS location, and use a keylogger to record his keystrokes.

4. Now, you can monitor your partner’s phone activity without them noticing. Enjoy the peace of mind knowing he isn’t doing anything behind your back.


With mSpy, you can gain insights into your partner’s private life and keep tabs on his activity without him knowing. Simply follow our quick installation guide to start monitoring his messages, calls, GPS location, and more from your dashboard directly from any web browser. The best part is that mSpy is totally discreet, so your boyfriend will never know you’re keeping an eye on him. 

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