Can Someone See My WhatsApp Messages From Another Phone

If you’re one of two billion users who have chosen WhatsApp as their go-to messaging app, you know it offers a host of security features. The platform is enhanced by end-to-end encryption, two-factor authentication, and safety alerts, just to name a few. Sometimes, you might even struggle to access your own account due to the high security level, particularly when you lose encryption keys or change phone numbers.

The big question is: can someone see my WhatsApp messages from another phone? You might believe that the only scenario in which it’s possible is if you’ve logged into your account on someone else’s phone. However, there are loopholes in the WhatsApp protocol that allow people to access your messages remotely.

Our post sheds light on the most common techniques used to access WhatsApp accounts. We’ll also explore cases where text monitoring is considered legal and how to protect yourself against data theft.

Why Do People Get Into Someone’s WhatsApp?

What drives hackers to get into someone’s WhatsApp? You might believe that fraud is the main motivation behind WhatsApp hacking. However, that’s not always the case. Average users also might try to get their hands on your personal data, sometimes for legitimate reasons, such as:

  1. Parental supervision. If you’re a minor, your parents may track your digital activity, including WhatsApp chats, to protect you from cyberbullying or other threats. In many jurisdictions, adults are allowed to supervise their children’s digital activities.
  2. Relationship concerns. Jealousy makes couples do unimaginable things. If your partner doubts your fidelity, they might look for evidence in your WhatsApp messages.
  3. Employee monitoring. To prevent data leakage, your employer might track personal conversations, especially if you’re using the company’s devices.

How Can Someone See My WhatsApp Messages from Another Phone: 3 Methods

Supporters of social media tracking have legitimate reasons tosee someones WhatsApp messages without them knowing, such as parental control and employee monitoring. If you believe your loved ones or colleagues might be at risk, consider using one of the methods outlined below.

Spy Apps

Spy apps let you hack someones WhatsApp and read their chat messages straight from your web browser. Sounds simple? Well, that’s how the cloud-based tracking technology works. After configuration, a spy app transfers data from the target device to secure web storage. You can safely access and read messages from any phone or PC whenever needed.

Here are the top 4 spy apps commonly used for WhatsApp monitoring.



mSpy is a comprehensive app trusted by more than 1.5 billion users. It’s packed with tracking tools for platforms like Viber, Telegram, and, of course, WhatsApp. After setting up mSpy, you can get into someone’s WhatsApp and access the following data:

  • Private and group chats
  • Deleted messages
  • Call logs
  • Contact book
  • Shared photos, videos, and links
  • Real-time GPS location

mSpy displays collected information in a convenient chat-like format, making the tracking process easy and intuitive. To save self-destruction pictures or messages, it automatically takes screenshots of WhatsApp at short intervals. You don’t have to worry about getting noticed, mSpy runs silently in the background and doesn’t affect the device’s performance.


eyezy whatsapp4

Eyezy is another advanced spy app you can use to see someones WhatsApp messages without them knowing. It records all types of conversations users may have on WhatsApp, including self-destructing and password-protected ones. You can see the details of messages, such as timestamps, contact names, and multimedia attachments.

To top it all off, Eyezy offers a smart alert system. You can add specific words to the alert list and receive notifications when they’re used in conversations. The app also supports GPS tracking, geofencing, and browsing history monitoring. For parents, there’s an additional tool called “Connection Blocker”. If your loved ones spend too much time on WhatsApp or any other app, you can block it with one tap.


phonsee whatsapp

Phonsee is a remote spy app for Android and iOS devices that monitors all offline and online activities. Want to see other WhatsApp chats in your phone? Phonsee lets you do that through a web-based Control Panel accessible via your personal account. You will get a complete list of sent and received messages sorted by sender’s name, time, and date.

Another great thing about Phonsee is that it allows you to check unsent texts or even those that were erased. The app has a Keylogger tool, which records everything the user types on their device. Phonsee maps each word to the app where it was typed so you can also find out what they were doing on other messengers, browsers, and social media.


mobipast app

MobiPast guarantees that you’ll never miss a single message exchanged on WhatsApp. Among its competitors, Mobipast stands out as the fastest spy app on the market. It instantly updates chat history when a user sends or receives new texts. Not only can you view shared files, but you can also check if they’ve been downloaded to the phone’s memory.

If security is your top priority, rest assured that MobiPast has got your back. Nobody will know about your tracking activity. Mobipast runs in the background of a target device and encrypts the recorded data, so only you can access it. And as added bonus, Mobipast offers live customer support available 24/7.

How Do Spy Apps Work?

The setup process is similar for all spy apps we’ve mentioned above. To help you understand how to access someone’s WhatsApp chats remotely, we’ve put together a guide using mSpy as an example:

Step 1. Create Your mSpy Account

Head over to the mSpy official website and click “Sign Up.” Enter your email address.

Step 2. Choose a Platform

mSpy is compatible with both Android and iOS devices. Select the platform of the target device to receive a download link and installation guide. Then, follow the instructions provided in your welcome email to set up mSpy.

Step 3. Pick Your Perfect Plan

mSpy offers multiple subscription plans. Choose the one that works best for you.

Step 4. Get Into Someone’s WhatsApp

Log into your Control Panel and start monitoring! Now you can read others WhatsApp messages on Android and iOS devices anytime, anywhere.

WhatsApp Web

WhatsApp Web

The WhatsApp Web hack is a simple yet effective way to read someone WhatsApp message with QR code. You don’t need special software to connect the target device to your PC or laptop. All this can be done with a simple browser.

Here’s how to link someone WhatsApp to mine:

  1. Open your web browser and go to the
  2. Take the target device and launch WhatsApp.
  3. Tap Settings on the bottom of the screen.
  4. Choose the Linked Devices option.
  5. Tap Link a Device.
  6. Point the phone’s camera at the QR code on the web page.
  7. A chat list will pop up on the screen. Now, you can read messages, listen to voicemails, and view status updates!

Please note that your PC’s name will appear on the Linked Devices list. If you want to access someone’s WhatsApp account secretly, this method might be risky.

Google or iCloud Backup

The solution on how to hack a WhatSapp account without using target phone is right at your fingertips. Most messengers, including WhatsApp, have a default chat backup feature. If the target account is linked to Google or iCloud storage, you can recover past conversations from the backup files. All you need is the target Apple (or Google) credentials.

The caveat is that you need a phone with a similar operating system. To read other WhatsApp messages on iPhone, reset your iOS device and restore from the target iCloud account. On an Android phone, remove all data through the Settings app. Then, set it up using the target Google credentials.

How to Know if Someone is Reading My WhatsApp Messages from Another Device

WhatsApp is virtually free of bugs. So, if you spot unusual activity on your messenger, there’s likely an active session you’re unaware of. Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to know if someone is reading my WhatsApp messages from another device:

  1. Open your WhatsApp app.
  2. Go to Settings.
  3. Tap Linked Devices. If you see an unknown device, it’s a sign someone is reading your messages.
  4. Go back to the chat list and find messages from WhatsApp. There might be notifications of account activity.
  5. Check other data such as contacts, new chats, and personal information. You might find new contacts you didn’t create. The same goes for new messages and personal information.

How Can I Stop My WhatsApp From Being Hacked?

While we’ve covered various methods on how to track WhatsApp chats on another phone, the key question lingers: what to do if I have been hacked? You might believe that simply deactivating your account or changing passwords is sufficient, but it’s not. It’s important to take a series of steps to secure your WhatsApp data:

  • Terminate suspicious sessions: If you’ve spotted an unknown device on the Linked Devices list, log out of it.
  • Reset your password. Set up a new strong password and enable 2-factor authentification. This will prevent hackers from re-accessing your account.
  • Run an antivirus scanner. Your device might be infected by malware, so scan it using an updated antivirus program.
  • Reach out to the WhatsApp support team.
  • Inform your contacts about the hacking attempt.

Final Words

If you’re wondering, “How can someone see my WhatsApp messages from another phone?”, you might be surprised at how many methods hackers use to access your account. Anyone can potentially start reading conversations on WhatsApp with the right tool at hand, be it an invisible spy app, WhatsApp web, or backup recovery software. Moreover, there are many instances where using these tools is legal, like when accessing your children’s data.

If you suspect someone is monitoring your account without your permission, log out of unknown devices, change your passwords, and contact the WhatsApp support team.

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