Knowing how to spy on Instagram is becoming a frequent matter, and people often ask me questions on ways to monitor someone’s Instagram activity. This social media platform isn’t only about posts and stories, but there are also other features you should keep an eye on if you’re worrying, let’s say, about your partner being unfaithful.
Unfortunately, Instagram monitoring isn’t always an easy task, so for this reason, I’ve decided to write this guide to provide the answers you were looking for. Here, we’ll analyze several different monitoring methods, and I’ll also personally recommend the best Instagram spy app out of all of them.
Keep reading if you wish to find out how you can spy on Instagram accounts and read someone else’s private messages.

Why Should You Spy on Someone’s Instagram?

Social media, such as Instagram and Snapchat, provide a good way to meet different people, but, unfortunately, it isn’t always a safe environment. Among all the reasons a person might have to get an Instagram tracking app, there are two main ones that can be considered the most common:

  • Parental Control: A lot of people can worry about their kids spending too much time on social media, and they don’t have a proper way of monitoring their accounts. An Instagram monitoring app can potentially help worried parents ease their minds by allowing them to check their kids’ social media activity remotely.
  • Cheating Partners: Essentially, on Instagram, you can have plenty of opportunities to cheat on your partner. This means it’s hard to find out if your significant other is having an affair on Instagram without having the right spying tool in your hands. Instagram DMs can often show you whether your partner is unfaithful, and a spy tool will help you find out the truth.

How to See Someone Else’s Direct Messages on Instagram

Here’s a quick summary of the main methods you can use to monitor someone’s Instagram. Take a look to get an idea of the most efficient ones.

Instagram Account Hacking Online Tools. Do They Work?

Basically, online account hacking tools offer no real guarantees, and they often end up requiring you to either install or buy some dubious apps. This is likely to result in a waste of time and money that’s not going to give you the answers you were hoping for.
Moreover, hacking isn’t really the same thing as spying because when you hack an account, you’ll not be able to track and monitor its activity.

Social Engineering & Password Guessing

The only positive side of these methods is that they are free. However, the chances of these solutions working as you want them too are meager. Most likely, both of these methods will only cause you additional stress and waste some precious time.
Ultimately, they can’t be considered proper ways to spy on Instagram without being discovered successfully.

Spying Software

Using spying apps is the only 100% effective way; you can take advantage of to spy on Instagram messages and so much more. Such spying software is something you can install on the phone in order to monitor most of the activities going on in the device. People usually need to access their partner’s or child’s phones for some minutes to install the app successfully. Once the process is completed, they’ll have full access to the phone, and they’ll be able to monitor social media, conversations, texts, etc. remotely. There is plenty of good software out there. They have different features, prices, and installation processes, but all they can potentially help you find the answers to your questions.
Hopefully, in this guide, I’ll point you toward the spying app that suits your needs the most.

How to Choose an Instagram Spy App

Among the many options available, probably not all of them will include the specific features you might be looking for. For instance, just a few of these software can let you monitor a person’s Instagram account.

There are several factors you need to consider before settling on a spying tool; details such as:

  • The price;
  • The range of features offered;
  • The installation process; 
  • Compatibility with both Android and iOS devices.

Below, I’ll provide you with a comparison table with the 5 best spying app you can find and the main features they offer.

What Are the Best Instagram Spy Apps

1. mSpy Instagram Activity Tracker

mSpy Instagram Tracker

Due to its wide range of available features and a competitive price, the mSpy app is definitely the best choice for you. Thanks to this easily installable app, you’ll be able to monitor all the activities on the phone remotely, even private Instagram texts. Moreover, mSpy works for both Android and iOS systems without any problems.

With mSpy, you can monitor calls and texts and access photos, videos, GPS tracking, social media, and browsing history. Hence, I can say that mSpy is the safest and most complete way not only to spy on someone’s Instagram but also to keep an eye and track any phone you install it on.

2. iKeyMonitor


This tool is another powerful and useful monitoring app to keep track of someone’s phone. iKeyMonitor allows you to check the texts your partner sends through the most popular texting apps, as well as making you able to take a look at his Instagram messages. The app gets you access to call logs and media content as well. However, the monthly cost is quite high.
Also, this tool works on both iOS and Android devices, and the installation process quick and easy.

3. FlexiSPY


Flexispy is also a good method to spy on Instagram’s private messages, but, although this app offers many valuable features, most of them are only available if you buy the most expensive monthly plan. Regardless, Flexispy works on Android and iOS systems, which can allow you to monitor many of the activities on a set phone. One of the best features of this app is the real-time GPS tracking that’s also included in the basic plan.

4. Eyezy

Eyezy instagram activity tracker

The Eyezy app is often used to keep an eye on someone else’s Instagram, especially because it allows you to check a specific account’s private messages.
Although it’s a good and effective Instagram monitoring method, you need to know that, unfortunately, if you want to install this app on an iOS device, you’re going to have to jailbreak the phone.

5. Spynger

spynger instagram

Spynger app stands as a viable alternative to mspy, sharing a remarkably similar set of monitoring features and functionalities. Designed to track various aspects of a target device, including calls, texts, locations, and web history, Spynger mirrors the capabilities of mspy extensively.

Here is a summary table of all the main characteristics of these 5 monitoring apps:

Remote InstallationAvailable for iPhone, needs access to the Android deviceNeeds access to the deviceNeeds access to the deviceNeeds access to the deviceNeeds physical access to the device
Main FeaturesCall Logs, Instagram monitoring, GPS Tracking, Email monitoring, Browsing History monitoring, Text monitoringSocial media monitoring, Text monitoring, GPS tracking, WiFi historySocial media monitoring, Call logs, Location tracking, Text monitoringCall Logs, Text monitoring, GPS tracking, instagram activity tracker,Social media monitoringCall Logs, Text monitoring, GPS tracking
Tech Support24/7 support: phone, email, live chatLive chat, blogPhone, live chatEmail, live chat (are not available 24/7)Email, chat (are not available 24/7)
Ease of UseEasy-to-use. Doesn’t require any technical knowledgeEasyEasyEasyEasy
iOS supportedYesYesYesYesYes

How to Install an Instagram Spy Tool on the Target Phone


Installing a monitoring app shouldn’t be too difficult. For example, the mSpy installation is rather easy, and you’ll only need to get access to the target phone for around 20 minutes.

Step-by-Step Instruction for iPhone

  • Create a mSpy account
  • Purchase the plan that suits your needs the most
  • Get access to the target phone and install the software in less than 20 minutes
  • Start monitoring remotely from your laptop

Step-by-Step Instruction for Android

  • Create a mSpy account
  • Purchase your chosen plan
  • Root the target phone
  • Install the software on the Android device
  • Monitor the phone’s activities and Instagram DMs


After going over the main methods to monitor someone else’s Instagram account, we conclude that using a spying app is the best solution.
More specifically, out of all the apps I’ve analyzed in this guide, I’d personally like to recommend mSpy if you’re looking for a nice balance between the number of features offered, the price, and how easy the installation process is.
This app will give you complete access to almost all of the target phone’s activities, and you’ll then be able to monitor and track the device remotely.

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