Social media has ruined a lot of relationships. Heavily-secured platforms like Messenger encourage people to keep secrets and indulge in activities they’d otherwise not do without the convenience of technology. Every couple doesn’t have to worry about this, though, except when one partner becomes increasingly drawn to their Facebook.

Do you smell something fishy in your relationship but can’t put the finger on it? Not sure what to make of conflicting signs you’ve been noticing lately? Perhaps it’s time to add some meat to your theories.

If you’re dying to know what your boyfriend is up to on his Messenger, you’re in luck. Learning how to check your boyfriend’s Facebook messages is a cakewalk with the best spy apps.

In this guide, we’ll help you try your hands on the best Facebook hacking apps. These apps come with simple requirements for installation and use a neat, tidy user interface and reliable features for tracking Messenger and other messaging platforms. 

5 Reasons to Spy on Someone’s Facebook Messenger

There are many cases where learning how to hack your boyfriend’s Facebook is not the best course of action. We strongly advise you to use spy apps for legitimate reasons only. Using them for the wrong reasons could be bad for everyone, from the user to the target and even the spy app’s creators. Vendors usually state in clear terms the intended scope of the app’s use.

These usually include:

🤫 Reason 1. Pulling the Curtain on Secret Relationships

Spy apps are stealthy tools that can tap your boyfriend’s secret conversations without ever drawing his attention. Learn everything you need to about his late-night chats and bathroom phone calls with this.

By taking the initiative with spy apps, you can spare yourself the long, agonizing wait until things reveal themselves or get better on their own.

📍Reason 2. Keeping Tabs on Loved Ones’ Whereabouts

Most Messenger spy apps also reveal your target’s location. You can combine their location details with their Messenger activities to have a clear view of what they’re up to.

Location trackers can help you keep an eye on your boyfriend from a distance. Our recommended apps also come with geofencing features that notify you when your boyfriend moves away from a certain location.

👧🏻 Reason 3. Protecting Young Minds

Having a whole lot on their plate, busy parents often struggle to keep tabs on their kids online. And seizing their gadgets isn’t a tenable way out. But with spy apps, you don’t always need to be there when your kids are surfing the web. You can monitor them closely from a remote device.

Our recommended spy apps also come with parental control features that enable you to regulate Facebook content. You can decide what your kids can or can’t see on Messenger.

🗃 Reason 4. Monitoring for Inappropriate Workplace Behavior

Messenger spy apps also help employers keep their workers in check. Depending on applicable laws in a jurisdiction, employers can exercise discretion over what their employees can or cannot do on Messenger during work hours. This makes it imperative to learn ​​how to find out who someone is messaging on Facebook.

With spy apps, you can both see and collect solid evidence of inappropriate behavior on Messenger.

📈 Reason 5. Measuring Your Employee Performance 

Messenger spy apps can also help you gauge how well your marketing and customer care teams perform with your social media handles. You can see live how they respond to customer comments and questions. Plus, the ability to monitor multiple devices from a single remote device makes it more convenient to manage your teams or projects.

Deciding whether or not to learn how to see who your boyfriend is messaging on Facebook could just be the hardest part of it all. However, with our recommended spy apps, tracking your boyfriend’s Messenger is as easy as it gets. 



Eyezy uses AI to simplify the process of learning how to see someone’s private messages on Facebook. The AI-powered algorithm sorts Messenger data into intuitive categories. From a glance, you can tell exactly what your boyfriend is up to.

You can also get a comprehensive report weaving different categories of data together to reveal everything about his activities. For instance, if he uses code words when chatting with his secret love, the app could still use his schedule and location details to reveal his plans.

The app’s wide compatibility means you can track your boyfriend on just about any device. Eyezy’s support for multiple installation modes allows you to use it on any Android or iOS device. For instance, with the Wi-Fi installation, you can track him simply by tapping his Wi-Fi network.


mSpy facebook

mSpy is a refined spy app that saves you the cons of most spy apps, like lack of important monitoring features and difficulty of use. The clean, crisp interface enables seamless access to Messenger spy tools.

You don’t have to worry about rooting/jailbreaking or any complex steps when learning how to catch a cheating boyfriend on Facebook using mSpy. It takes just a couple of minutes to install, and then you can just hop on your dashboard in a few clicks whenever you want to check on your boyfriend’s Messenger. You’ll get complete details of his activities, including deleted messages.

mSpy also reveals time and date stamps on messages as well as the contact details of the sender/receiver. You can also track your boyfriend’s Facebook calls, seeing who’s called him or who he’s called and for how long they spoke. 



Another user-friendly app you can count on is SpyBubble. SpyBubble allows you to deploy a wide range of tracking tools in a clandestine style. You can track just about everything your boyfriend does on his Messenger without giving him the slightest clue he’s being monitored.

SpyBubble lets you in not just on his Messenger but every other social media app, including Instagram, Twitter, etc. 

How to Use Eyezy to Catch a Cheating Boyfriend on Facebook?

Eyezy comes with highly sophisticated features, but installation and use are easy-peasy. It all boils down to just 3 steps:

Step 1. Register for Your Eyezy Account

eyezy step 1

Visit Eyezy official website and hit the ‘Try Now’ button. Take a few seconds to fill out your personal details and choose a suitable subscription plan.

The app has a pocket-friendly price tag; plus, you pay less the longer the subscription. The 1-month plan costs $47.99/month, but you’ll pay $27 per month for the 3-month plan (that’s less than $1 per day), or even less with $9.99/month for the 12-month plan.

Once you complete your payment, check your inbox for the confirmation email and installation instructions. 

Step 2. Install Eyezy

eyezy step 2

There are many routes in this step, each suitable for specific circumstances. If you want to learn how to check your boyfriend’s Facebook messages without touching his phone, first, you can sync Eyezy with your target’s iCloud.

Simply enter your boyfriend’s iCloud credentials on your user dashboard, but ensure his iCloud sync is active and isn’t protected by two-factor authentication. The app will then lock into his iCloud account and give you access to every Messenger data backed up on his iCloud.

You can also use the Wi-Fi installation mode. It works remotely, so you don’t need your target’s phone for this. Simply launch your Eyezy dashboard, scan for his Wi-Fi history, and click on any existing connections to tap it. The app will intercept any message he sends or receives via that network.

For access to more phone tracking features, use the jailbreaking/remote option. You’ll need to handle the phone physically for a brief moment to jailbreak or root the phone, which is all about removing certain factory-fit security settings to give Eyezy access to more phone data.

Step 3. Start Checking Your Boyfriend’s Messenger

eyezy demo

Once you complete the installation, you instantly receive your boyfriend’s Messenger updates. Tracking him is now just a matter of hopping on your dashboard, tapping the Social Spotlight feature, and scrolling down to the Facebook tracker.

Exclusive Eyezy Features to See Someone’s Private Messages on Facebook

As earlier mentioned, Eyezy gives you access to unique tracking features you’ll most likely not find anywhere else. These features allow you not only to see your boyfriend’s Facebook activities but to make sense of it all.

The most notable features include:

Social Spotlight 📱

This feature captures details of your boyfriend’s activities on every messaging platform, including Facebook, WhatsApp, Instagram, TikTok, Tinder, etc.

Keystroke Capture 💬

With the help of this feature, you see the messages your boyfriend sends on Messenger. Every word he types out will be collected and presented in an analysis-friendly report.

Files Finder 📁

With this feature, you can find every multimedia file he shares or downloads on Facebook.

Plans Breaker 🍽

This feature analyzes his Facebook data with other phone activities to give you a solid picture of what he’s really up to.

Magic Alerts 🪄

Get notified whenever your boyfriend starts engaging in sleazy conversations. You can decide the trigger words beforehand and wait for the app to notify you when he mentions them.

Final Thoughts

With this guide on how to spy on someone’s Messenger, it’s almost impossible for your boyfriend to hide anything from you on his phone. You’re always a few clicks away from uncovering whatever he’s hiding, even if he deletes his messages.

The hardest part, perhaps, is deciding whether it’s right to track him. But when you do, our recommended apps can rise to the occasion. They’ll let you see everything he does on Facebook and other social media platforms without breaking a sweat. The support for stealth mode means you can stay on top of everything he does without ever alerting him.

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