With so much complex technology and data around, it can be hard to know what’s possible and what isn’t. Sometimes people receive a message from an unknown number and search how to find out where a text message was sent from. Let’s find out if it’s possible or not!

Can Someone Track Your Location From a Text?

If you’re wondering, “Can someone track your location from a text?”, the answer is technically, yes. But this doesn’t mean that you can simply track where someone is from a single message.

This only works in certain situations. For example, when a text message has a hidden link that will share your current location when you click it. However, this won’t just be a typical text message or MMS received from a friend or family member.

Signs That Your Location Is Tracked

If you’re worried about a text message location tracker, there are some signs to look out for:

  1. Text messages that are suspicious. How can someone get your location from a text? These will be text from a third party (i.e., not one of your contacts) and they might have links that ask you to click them. They may even tell you that someone is asking you to share your location and you can do so by clicking the link. If you do, your location may be shared.
  2. Location requests. 40% of the top apps in the US request permission to access your location. These are usually apps like satellite navigation or things that you use to find things locally.
  3. Notifications you’re not expecting. Some mobiles send a notification when your location is accessed. If one pops up when you’ve just sent a text, it could be a sign that something’s going on.
  4. Physical indicators. A phone overheating, battery drain issues and high data use could also be signs your location is being tracked. However, this is more likely to be a sign of a third-party app running in the background rather than a text message tracker.

How to Protect Yourself From Location Tracking

If you’re asking, “Can someone track my phone by texting me?” then you’re clearly worried. In this case, it would be a good idea to protect yourself.

Here are some ways you can safeguard your location:

  1. Use a VPN

If you use a VPN that has an ad blocker, it will hide your real IP address and encrypt traffic. Ad blockers also work to hide malicious content as they prevent tracking scripts.

  1. Don’t use public Wi-Fi connections

When you’re online using public Wi-Fi, you’re more susceptible to tracking and monitoring. Don’t connect to the public internet if you’re concerned about location or behavioral tracking.

  1. Use anti-virus software

This software is able to detect any malware or malicious apps on your phone that monitor or steal your data, including your location. It can scan your phone to find location trackers so that you can delete them.

  1. Turn off locationsharing

Certain apps have built-in location sharing but you can turn this off using your phone settings. Your phone will show a list of apps that track location and you can turn these off. However, if you use apps like Uber or Deliveroo, you’ll need to leave location sharing on.

How to Track Someone’s Location by a Text Message?

So, can someone tell your location from a text? Sort of. Here’s what some people use to do it.

Method 1. Detectico

Can someone track my location through text messages? With Detectico they can. Detectico is a tracking app that is private but there’s also nothing to install. Everything is based on a person’s mobile number, so no software either. What’s great about Detectico is that it doesn’t matter what phone the person has; it can be a trusty Nokia 3310 even. Whatever the phone, as long as it can receive a text message, you can use Detectico.

Detectico is pretty useful because it can tell you the number and name and whether there’s evidence of any data leaks associated with them.

Method 2. Tracking Location From iMessage or a Texting App

So we’ve pretty much answered the question: can someone track my phone by texting me? However, did you also know that you can get someone’s location from either iMessage or a similar texting app? There are conditions though:

  • The app needs to support location sharing.
  • The person needs to share their location themselves.

Within the iMessage app, you can use ‘send my current location’ in a conversation thread. There are also features similar to those of Google Messages and WhatsApp. However, the person has to share their location with you, so it’s not a case of you tracking them just by having their mobile number.


So, can someone track your location from a text iPhone or otherwise? Yes. But there are caveats and ways to prevent it if you don’t want them to. If you’re wanting to track someone’s location yourself, Detectico is a good program to use. Otherwise, encourage them to share their location via iMessage or another messenger sharing option.


Can Someone Get Your Location from iMessage?

Many people wonder, can you tell the location of a text message? And yes, they potentially can if you’ve enabled location services and chosen to share your location.

How Do I Know if Someone Is Tracking My Text Messages?

There are several signs to look out for. These include receiving messages from an unknown number with a link to click as well as location requests and physical issues with your phone (like battery drain or overheating, for example).

How Can You Stop Someone From Tracking Your Phone?

So, we’ve answered the all-important question: Can you be tracked by text messages? How do you stop someone? Firstly, don’t click on any location request links or unsolicited links. Next, turn off location-sharing on apps that don’t need to know. Finally, download some anti-virus and anti-malware software and scan your phone.

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