how to catch a cheater that deletes everything

You build relationships carefully, stone by stone, not expecting that one day the person you trust the most will throw a grenade into it and ruin everything. That’s exactly how cheating feels. All you want is to catch them red-handed and show them the damage they have caused.

However, our minds can sometimes trick us. We might see signs of an affair that aren’t really there. Is deleting messages cheating? It’s hard to say. You won’t know for sure until you read them.

Yes, you got it right. Any messages or files your partner might have deleted are still stored in their device’s memory. We’ll show you how to get them back in 3 ways, so you can quickly find out what’s really going on.

Is There a Way to See Someone’s Deleted Texts?

If your partner is deleting text messages cheating evidence remains invisible to the naked eye. You might take a chance and look through some internal folders. There’s a catch, though: erased text messages become encrypted once the system has overwritten them. You’ll see a combination of numbers and symbols, not regular, readable text.

So, how can you get deleted text messages in their original form? You could try one of these methods:

  • Use spy apps.
  • Recover texts from backup files.
  • Request message history from the network provider.

Each method has its own set of requirements. Need more details? Let’s dive deeper into how to check someones deleted text messages.

How to Check Someone’s Deleted Text Messages

Catching a cheating partner feels like walking across a minefield. You want to discreetly gather as much evidence as possible, but the stakes are too high. If you get caught, you might end up in a heated argument, never truly understanding why would my partner deleted messages.

That’s the turning point where spy apps come into play. This small piece of software secretly records any activity taking place on your partner’s device, including deleted files and texts. You can access the collected data from a remote server anytime you want.

The cherry on top? We’ve handpicked the top 3 spy apps to help you catch a cheater.


mspy app

Introducing mSpy, your ultimate answer to the most tricky question, “What is the best way to catch a cheating spouse who is very clever? This app outsmarts even the most tech-savvy cheaters, exposing all secret conversations they’re having behind your back.

Have they deleted those chats? They might think they did, but mSpy is one step ahead. It records all deleted messages thanks to a duo of powerful tools:

  • Keylogger. mSpy logs every keystroke made on your partner’s device before they tap the Delete button. Messages, search queries, numbers, it’s all there. You only need to access the records from your Control panel to discover what they’re really up to.
  • Screen Recorder. Need a little something more to catch a cheater iPhone or Android activity? Use screenshots mSpy takes at frequent intervals. Whether they send self-destructing pics on WhatsApp or erase chats on Messenger, you’ll see everything before it disappears.

What’s more, mSpy runs in Stealth mode on the target device. Your partner won’t have a clue that their activities are being monitored. The app doesn’t show up on the main screen or task manager and can’t be detected by an antivirus scanner.


eyezy app

Ever found yourself wondering how to know if your boyfriend is deleting texts? Then, it’s time to bring in Eyezy. With just a few taps, you can access any conversations your boyfriend might be having on Facebook, Snapchat, WhatsApp, or even Tinder. Since Eyezy displays sent and received texts with timestamps, it’s easy to understand what they are saying and when.

Think some of the juicy details have been deleted? Leverage the power of the Keystroke Capture tool. It records everything your partner types on their phone’s keyboard, neatly laying out the data in a simple table. You can filter this information by the messenger they have used, time, and date. Eyezy even tracks search queries and passwords. It’s a win-win!

To ease your search for evidence of deleting text messages cheating, Eyezy has an additional tool. It snaps screenshots of chat threads your partner may have erased. This way, you don’t need to spend hours sifting through recorded texts.


spynger app

For those pondering over how can I read my husbands deleted text messages, Spynger has a simple answer: record it all and uncover the truth. This app positions itself as a “cheater chaser,” providing you with multiple tools for around-the-clock monitoring, all accessible via your regular browser. You can spy on calls, browser history, locations, photos, and, as you might have guessed, deleted messages.↳

What makes Spynger stand out among other spy apps? An automated alert system! If your partner types in specific keywords, like “date,” “meet me,” or anything else suggestive, Spynger will send you an instant notification before they delete their texts. You can then log into your Control Panel to see screenshots of chats where they might be flirting or planning secret meetups with someone else.

But wait, there’s more! Their secret contacts can’t stay hidden from you. Spynger records all numbers and names stored in your partner’s message logs, even if they manually enter them to avoid raising suspicion.

How Do Spy Apps Work?

So, let’s get practical. The installation process is generally the same for all spy apps. Here’s how to catch cheaters on Android and iOS devices in 3 simple steps:

Step 1. Create Your Account

Go to the official website of any spy app you have chosen. Then, enter your email address to create a free account.

Step 2. Choose Your Plan

Spy apps usually offer different plans to choose from, depending on how long you want to subscribe. Pick the one that works best for you.

Step 3. Start Monitoring

You’re all set! Once you’ve paid for your subscription package, you can log into your Personal Dashboard and monitor their activity in real time.

How to Retrieve Deleted Text Messages from My Husband’s Phone

Cheaters sometimes let little secrets slip out, especially when using the latest smartphones to send flirtatious texts. We’re talking about a backup feature, a handy tool all devices have. You can easily pull up copies of deleted messages from their cloud storage. How to catch cheaters on Android and iOS phones? Let’s dive into the details.

Google Drive Backup

google drive

Google makes life a whole lot easier for Android users. Every smartphone running on Android 6 or later comes with a pre-installed backup tool from Google Drive. If your partner has activated it in the settings, the system periodically sends copies of SMS and files (yes, even deleted ones!) to the Google Drive Backup folder.

Here’s how can I see my boyfriend’s deleted text messages:

  1. Navigate to
  2. Enter your partner’s Google credentials.
  3. Select the “My Drive” option on the left panel.
  4. Click on the number in the lower left corner under “Storage.”
  5. Select the “Backups” option.
  6. Find the SMS backup file and click on it. If the file is not compressed, you’ll see the content of messages in text format. Otherwise, you’ll need to extract the chat history.

iCloud Backup


If your partner owns an iPhone, you can recover deleted messages from the iCloud backup. The trick here is that iCloud automatically backs up data every day. Therefore, if you suspect your partner deleted messages on a specific day, you can easily find the backup file you need in Settings. It’s that simple! Now, all that’s left is to restore their device using that file.

To catch a cheater iPhone, follow these steps:

  1. Open Settings on their device.
  2. Tap Apple ID.
  3. Select iCloud, then tap iCloud Backup. Check if the backup file you’re looking for is available.
  4. Go back to the main menu, select General. Choose the Transfer or Reset iPhone option. Then, tap Erase All Content and Settings.
  5. Head back to the main menu and select General. From there, choose the Transfer or Reset iPhone option, then hit Erase All Content and Settings.
  6. Choose the backup you need to restore and complete the process.
  7. Now you can access their deleted messages!

How to Confront a Cheater When You Snooped

When you finally realize why would my partner deleted messages, you can become overwhelmed with anger and frustration. However, we advise against acting on your emotions. It’s unlikely that your partner’s response to accusations will be a simple “Yes, I did it.” They may deny cheating or react aggressively toward you.

So, how should you handle this? Before engaging in a serious conversation with your partner, ensure you’ve collected solid evidence to back up your doubts. Then, express your concerns about their recent behavior and mention that you accidentally saw something they need to explain. Calmly approach the topic so that they won’t become defensive.

Ultimately, your peace of mind should be the top priority. You deserve to have a healthy and sincere relationship in your life, so take steps to uncover the truth now. Advanced monitoring apps will help you do just that.


How cheaters hide communication?

Some might simply lock their phone with a new password, while others create fake contact names, delete messages, and rename apps to avoid getting caught.

Is deleting messages cheating?

Just because your partner is deleting text messages, it doesn’t necessarily mean they are cheating. The real key lies in the content of these deleted messages.

Can I get my husbands deleted text messages?

Yes, there are two main routes you could take. You can recover them from backup files or use advanced spy apps to access erased chat history remotely.
How can I tell if my partner is messaging someone on messenger if they delete the messages?
You can use advanced spy apps to find out who they’re messaging. For instance, apps like mSpy can show you real-time conversations, deleted messages, and contact information.

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