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Do you know how you can customize a ringtone to iPhone or how you can make use of the ringtone that you ought to have purchased or created? In the case that you have purchased your desired ringtone, then you can easily avail it from that of your iPhone itself.

Are you aware of the custom ringtones that you have created with the aid of the iTunes that can also be added to that of the Tone section? But how you can do this well with the aid of downloading past purchases, we have tried to explain this in our article. Hence, to know the entire procedure let’s dig into it step by step well.

Downloading Past Purchases

  • First of all, open up your iPhone settings; then tap on the app icon that is present in the settings. This primarily looks similar to that of the gray box that does possess the gears on it.
  • Now you need to scroll down a little and have to tap on the sounds & Haptics. You would find this option at quite top on that of the settings page. Some iPhones just possess the option of sounds and you have to click that.

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  • Next, tap on the ringtone. This option you would find in the menu which is located at the top of that of the ‘Sounds and vibration patterns’.
  • Now you should tap download all purchased tones. This option is available at the top of the screen and when you are up to this then in a way you are promoting your iPhone to find out for the past ringtone buying details that are associated with that of the Apple ID.
  • If the entire stuff of the ringtones that have been purchased are present here then you won’t get anything downloaded here.
  • Now, wait for a while so that your tones can be downloaded. If in this case your iPhone does not get the purchases that you have made on the phone then the tones which you desire will automatically get downloaded here. This would get the download in that of the ‘Ringtones’ section.
  • Now you need to tap on that of the Tone Store to purchase more ringtones. This would be directing you to the Ringtones section of that of the iTunes store app. This is the destination where you could easily find the ringtones or tunes that are actually available for the purpose of purchase. You opt the desired tune from here and purchase.

Following the above-mentioned steps would help you to effectively and easily add customize ringtone to iPhone.


From the article, we can conclude that we can easily add a customized ringtone to the iPhone. Though many people find it complicated or a difficult process but this process is not at all complicated and also for the people who are not aware of the procedure how they could facilely add customize ringtone to iPhone, then by simply following the above-mentioned procedure they can easily achieve the task without having to bother themselves or going for the roller coaster process, Therefore give a try to this and head well and effectively in your endeavor.

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